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  • Published : November 5, 2013
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1. The Globalization of East Asian Pop Music
1.1 What factors best explain why the music market has strongly recovered in East Asia, whereas the rest of the world's music industry is crumbling and the largest music companies around the world have been laying off thousands of employees? 1.2 What is unique about the region, and what is unique about the particular markets in Japan, South Korea, or China that explains this renewed growth and profitability? 1.3 What best explains why some Asian singers and bands succeeded in expanding across national their borders while many others failed?

1.4 In the present, would you advise that the Asian music companies profiled in the case turn West or East? Why? And how would you advise them to accomplish this? You Tube - You can see a few examples and try to understand why: Case of Failed International Expansion

- Coco Lee succeeded in the Asian market with "Baby I'm Sorry" - Pink Lady Failed in the US with "Kiss in the Dark"
- Toshi Kubota failed in the US with "Nothing but your love" - Dreams Come true failed in the US with "Song of Joy"
Cases of Successful Regional Strategy
- Glay, China. "Missing You"
- Ayumi Hamasaki "Duty", "Memorial Address", "White Christmas" - Namie Amura "Funky Town", "Four Seasons", "White Light"
- BoA "No. 1)
Singers who had regional success but failed in the US
- Utada Hikaru, "First Love" was successful in Asia, but failed in US with "Exodus" Niche Success in US and other Wester Markets
- Shonen Knife "It's a New Find", "Daydream Believer"
- Wonder Girls, "Nobody"
- Korean Stony Skunk, "Boomdi Boomdi"
- Twelve Girls Band, "Glory"
Case of Global Mass-Market Hit
- Only one true one for Japan: Kyu Sakamoto, "Sukiyaki"
2. Thailand – Joe Willis Feeling the Heat in Thailand (A), (B), (C) Only read Part A before class
2.1 What would key stakeholder identify as the challenges in this case from their perspectives?
2.2 What...
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