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  • Published : December 27, 2014
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Company Summary
Bounce Around is a company that offers children’s play with series of child/parent program dedicated to the physical, emotional and social development of children. We are starting Bounce Around to offer children and parent a nurturing environment in which to spend time together and play. We are mainly focusing on celebrations such as birthday parties, Halloween, wedding receptions etc with age restrictions. We offer a unique service in that there is no other program like it in the town of Doncaster. Lisa Currie will manage the daily operation of Bounce Around. Mission

The mission of Bounce Around is to promote the physical, emotional and social development of children. Parents are also an integral part of Bounce Around activities. When parents enter their child’s world of play and imagination, the child blossoms with more confidence to explore and learn. Time spent playing with mum or dad contributes to healthy development and will also build trust between parent and child. Services

Bounce Around can host children’s birthday party between ages 0-5 is for soft play, 1-13 on a child’s castle which must be accompanied by an adult, 13+ for the adult one providing great activities for kids and an easy experience for parents, creating a memorable celebration. Start-up Summary

The start-up expenses for Bounce Around is focused primarily on equipment. Start-up requirement
Bounce around castles (5 set) at £900.00 each
Mobile Phone £30.00 monthly
Posters for advertisement
Business cards
Transport (Van)

Executive summary
Bounce Around is a new business offering to hire bouncy castles in and around Doncaster. I hope to build up a loyal following by providing only the cleanest, best quality bouncy castle. I will be purchasing my product from pineapple leisure limited based on the quality product they offer....
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