Campus Math Trail for Mathematics 1V

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  • Published : January 22, 2014
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Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School

A. Trail: How to measure tree height using the homemade clinometer B. Type of Trail: Topic – based, including mathematical linkage C. Venue:Inside the school campus ( Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School ), Gingoog City

D. Year Level:Fourth Year High School
E. Mathematical Aspect of the Trail:
Angle of Elevation, Height, Distance
F. Integration:
English and Values formation of students
G. Objectives:
1. To measure the height of the tree.
2. To determine the angle of elevation using homemade clinometer. 3. To observe and encounter mathematics while picking the tallest tree in the school campus. 4. To apply mathematical knowledge while on trail in the campus. 5. To enjoy mathematical experience with the group.

H. Materials:
Meter Stick, pencil, calculator, worksheet and homemade clinometer I. Pre-trail Preparation:
1. Teacher to determine the strategic area as venue of the trail. 2. Teacher discuss on what to bring including their snack.
3. Teacher guide the students on how to pick the tree prior to the actual math trail. J. Implementation ( Actual Math Trail )
Each group will select at least 3 trees at varied height. At one of the tree, move an identified distance away from the baseline of the tree and record the distance. Adjust the distance away from the base of the tree so that the angle is between 450 and 600. Measure and record the height of the eyes of the student sighting the tree above the ground by using a meter stick. Sight the top of the tree through the hose on the homemade clinometer. Then record the number of degrees on the homemade clinometer.
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