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  • Published : October 21, 2013
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Life Skills
Families, the only people you’re really stuck with, are part of the best and worst memories of someone’s life. Your family is always there for you when you need help, but they’re also there when you don’t need it, as seen in ABC’s The Middle, Episode 11: Life Skills. Axl Heck, a senior in high school, finds out that his annoying, brainy younger sister Sue is in his Life Skills class, which wouldn’t be so bad, but they end up paired together for a project. As you can probably imagine, this doesn’t go down too well. At the same time, Axl and Sue’s parents find themselves in an unprecedented predicament when a branch falls on their car, shattering the windshield. Their claim for repair money is denied by the insurance though. Also, Brick, the youngest of Heck kids, finds himself stuck in the guidance counselor’s office due to his lack of friends his own age. As the episode continues to unravel, so do Sue’s plans of getting a good grade on the project and her parent’s plan to get the car fixed. Meanwhile, Brick, not having much luck in the friend department, stupefies the counselor with an honest question: Why does he need friends his own age? This question answers itself throughout the rest of the episode. On the day of the project presentation, Sue accidently grabs the wrong bag of materials. Without anything to present, Axl must put his life skills to the test, and trade in a few favors from his friends, to avoid an F. After a successful presentation comes together, Axl proves that brains aren’t everything and that having friends your own age pays off. While the younger Hecks have a pretty happy ending to this episode, their parents aren’t so lucky, and instead get a little dose of reality. Life Skills is a very fitting title for this episode of The Middle, and riddled with humor throughout, makes for a very enjoyable episode. The actors’ portrayals of their characters were very realistic. Axl, an apathetic, attractive, and popular jock was...
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