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  • Published : April 20, 2014
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CC Essay
The Mongols completely reformed several countries in the Middle East and Asia, with political as well as economic change. From the beginning of the 13th century, the Mongols dominated China and the Middle East. They Influenced China and the Persian states, changing their money systems, political hierarchy, and who they traded with. Mongol Rule was similar in China and the Middle East; the Mongols in China were much more tolerant of tradition than in the Middle East. The future of the current countries depended on how the Mongols molded them. During the Pax Mongolica, trade in the two controlled regions differed tremendously. In China, The Grand Canal was extended which increased trade and productivity. The Chinese traded with Western Asian states and learned new engineering; like indoor plumbing and acquired new crops. The new harvests influenced China and continue today. However, in the Middle East, trade was on the brink of devastation. After first being invaded, the Islamic world lost its supremacy. The Persian states lost a lot of important trading links with other states. The Mongols later tried to introduce paper money at the end of the 13th century, and plunged the Middle Eastern trade region into chaos. The political effects of Mongol rule in China and the Middle East were different in their administrator’s backgrounds. The Mongols are known for Great War strategy, but when it comes to ruling large empires, they fell short. Chinggis Khan, the emperor, did not have a centralized government so he used governors or administrators to carry out his tasks. Because the great majority of the Middle Eastern peoples were Turks, the executive positions were usually filled by Turks. In China on the other hand, Mongols held the executive positions and even “hired out” people from foreign lands rather than let a Chinese person hold a position. The economic effects of Mongol rule in China and the Middle East were similar in that both were forced to give up...
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