Challenging Behaviors of School Aged Children

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  • Published : April 12, 2014
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Challenging Behaviors of School Aged Children and Informal Interview of a BA Charles Gaskins
PSYC 3002
Unit 9 Assignment 1
Capella University
March, 2014

Over the course of this course I have learned many different things about the human lifespan development. I chose to do my informal interview with a BA (Behavior Analysis) about the challenging behaviors of school aged children. This paper will also go into literature that I read along with the interviewing process that took place to get a better insight on what kind of behaviors maybe seen, causes and effects, along with different options on how to prevent or reduce the undesired behaviors. I will go over the types of questions that were raised in the interview and the synopsis of the entire interview in whole. I never realized until getting more in-depth with human lifespan the varying reasons why some undesired behaviors happen. I have worked in the mental field before and am currently working with adult mentally disabled individuals, but never realized the different reasoning’s and how much prenatal care actually impacts a person. Learning many things along the way have helped me better understand not only behaviors that are seen at my job but I am not a better equip parent following this course. For the most part parents just want to give into children’s behaviors and not really look into how or why the behaviors are occurring. Environments are really never taken into consideration some parents point out other individuals but never look at the whole picture in one. I hope that this could maybe even help others who may read this take a second look or even get another opinion on why undesired behaviors of their own children may occur.

Informal Interview Synopsis
In this section I will be reviewing the interview of a professional BA along with questions, answers, my very own reaction to the questions, and the summary and findings that I took away from the interviewing process. So I interviewed Lisa Stringer a behavior analysis I worked with at a previous job. I was only a floor supervisor in the home we both worked in. She in my eyes done a lot for the individuals who were adults at that time, we had in our home and I felt comfortable going back to talk to her about challenging behaviors of school aged children. Even though Lisa works with adults more than children she has worked with children in the past as well. This went very smoothly and was a very informative interview. I started off by asking of questions was very open about the beginning steps of how to apply what we know to help figure out the behavior status of the child. Lisa had answers I figured were going to be typical first thing was doing observations or clinical testing to see the child’s behavior first hand. I also incorporated questions about what kinds of things would be asked of the parents would we question them first about how or when the undesired behavior(s) happen and how often do they occur. Straight to the point again she answered we would need to question the parents to see if maybe it happens with either parent or both parents or if there may be a trigger causing the undesired behavior. We than went onto discuss if there were any environmental attributes that could be helping lead to these undesired behaviors. Lisa stated we could find out if there was any such environmental attributes contributing to this behavior we could talk to the child or any caregivers that have contact with said child. I than went into prenatal care and wanted to know if maybe there are any signs that could be shown by the child to sign prenatal care was an attributing factor. She stated prenatal care could be a big contributing factor to undesired behaviors from the child but the only way to see if there is an actually medical problem with the child’s behavior would be to run test and the test could help define if...
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