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  • Published : November 3, 2013
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Executive summary

Champagne is one of the most famous French product in the world, all characteristic carried by this product create a very special reputation for it. This reputation is an important asset on foreign market. In this report a website is created in order to sell champagne in three national target market: China, Japan and Australia. Each market have predisposition to this product and show strength, weakness, opportunities but also threaten to the champagne product. The website will present each language and each currency adapted from each country to help and guide customers to make their choices but also to get this shopping experience easier. A website creation imply many positive characteristic for a company such as better responsiveness or an improvement of the customer loyalty. A real strategy have to be created since the beginning to target and adapt product to target market. Advisers, E-business survey or web designer are very helpful to understand and improve the website.

Table of Contents


Authorisation and purpose of the report
This assessment have been written to suit for the second assessment of the course IBS 321 studied at the university of the sunshine coast. A product or service has been chosen by every student to be described and analysed as an E-commerce proposal.

Many hindrances have been encountered during the production of this report. At first research on this product especially the market analysis. Then about keeping the specific luxe and quality image of the champagne for the strategy part.

Scope of the report
This report describes what is the champagne product then analyse in three different country the market and the strategy to apply according to each different market. This report is also about all implication result by launching a website and what strategy to adopt by the company.

Definition of Champagne product

Champagne is a French sparkling wine that can be produced exclusively within the Champagne region of France. This particularity protected by appellation rules make this drink rare and more expensive than the majority of other wines (CIVC, 2011). It is mostly composed with three different kind of grapes which are: Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot meuniere. The combination of creation is complex with many different mix and possibilities but it is also a long process with two fermentation in Champagne’s cave (most of time deep chalk ground) (CIVC, 2011). Champagne was since the very beginning, the French king’s beverage. Nowadays this product is famous all around the world as a luxurious and delicacy drink. It is also associated to festivities and happy event such as: wedding, birthday and other celebration(CIVC, 2011). All company producer of champagne are based in the Champagne-Ardennes area, thus “Veuve Clicquot”, “Moet et Chandon”, “Mumm”, “Ruinart” and many others famous Champagne brand are all come from this same region. All these brands have contributed to the image of champagne with images of romantic love and marriage as well as other special occasions that were deemed important to women, such as the baptism of a child(CIVC, 2011).

Target Country markets

For the Champagne product three different national market will be targeted: China, Japan and Australia. To understand a global situation of each market and how those market can be positive for the business this report present a SWOT matrix of each country market:  

SWOT Matrix for the Champagne Market

An important population so an important number of potential customer. Attracted by Western country product. Champagne has no direct competitor. High technological oriented Hard to conquest such a huge country. Government tax on alcohol. Few information on this market. Language barrier. Important Cultural differences. Many disparities in internet access. The important growth of China can...
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