"Change" (Nursing Personal Essay)

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  • Published : February 3, 2014
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"Change" is what I am determined to aim for since I have begun my college career. It has led me to steer down a different path than the ones that I have already observed from my four older siblings, giving me the chance to experience new possibilities and outcomes. One change was being the first and last of my siblings to leave the nest to attend college away from home at Blinn College in Bryan; however, I now reside back in Houston due to a financial and academic setback. This has led me to learn from my mistakes and influenced me to work harder toward better opportunities. I have not only discovered to learn from my past mistakes, but also to open myself up to new possibilities.

Pursuing a career in the nursing field was the first change that I decided to make when I held my sister's hand as she gave birth to my three year old nephew. I was inspired by the care that was provided to my sister and my newborn nephew by various types of nurses before, during, and after birth. Since then, my awareness for the well-being of others increased while learning more about nurses and what they do. My first experience volunteering at Texas Children's Hospital has also encouraged me even more to become a nurse when I encountered my first four year old cardiac patient. I was prepped by his nurse in how to safely interact with the patient while she was helping me into my protective gown and gloves. The real inspiration was actually meeting the patient and lessening his anxiety of being in a hospital through one on one contact.

Extending my knowledge for pursuing a career in the medical field has led me to obtain a certificate in phlebotomy. The experience was very new and exhilarating to me because it was a challenge learning about new medical procedures; however, gaining and perfecting the skill of obtaining blood for testing to help people was very enlightening. Encountering different types of patients for the first time in clinical was nerve wrecking at first because...
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