Charles and Keith

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  • Published : August 1, 2013
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Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary3

2.0 Background4

2.1 About Charles & Keith4

2.2 Reasons for Choosing Ireland4

3.0 STEEP Analysis5

3.1 Socio-cultural Factors5

3.2 Political Factors5

3.3 Economic Factors6

3.4 Technological Factors6

3.5 Ecological Factors6

4.0 SWOT Analysis7

4.1 Strengths7

4.2 Weakness7

4.3 Opportunities7

4.4 Threats8

5.0 Market Analysis8

5.1 Bargaining Power of Buyers8

5.2 Rivalry among competitors8

5.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers8

5.4 Threat of Substitutes9

5.5 Threats of New Entrants9

6.0 Marketing Strategies9

6.1 Marketing Objectives9

6.2 Marketing Positioning9

6.3 Target markets10

7.0 Marketing Mix10

7.1 Product Strategy10

7.2 Price Strategy10

7.3 Promotion Strategy11

7.4 Place Strategy11


1.0 Executive Summary

Charles & Keith, the eponymous fashionable shoe brand from Singapore was launched in 1996 and since then captured the interest of industry insiders and the admiration of the fashion-conscious alike. Triumphing with its remarkable high street fashion shoes and accessories, Charles & Keith has won the hearts of many, placing itself as one of the most marketable fashion footwear brand in today's international scene.

This report would include a comprehensive analysis of the company Charles & Keith in Ireland. It aims to analyze business environment of the company and propose market strategies.

The report would consist of an introduction, discussing Charles & Keith‘s background, followed by the analysis of the market environment in Ireland. The report also comprises of the STEEP analysis, SWOT analysis and market analysis in Ireland.

Subsequently, the report would mention some market strategies that could be available for Charles & Keith. The strategies recommended discuss the objectives, target market, market positioning and market mix. Lastly, a 5 year implementation plan and control measures are included. With the aid of the recommended implantation plan and control measures, Charles & Keith will anticipate to prosper and achieve sustainable growth in Ireland.

2.0 Background

2.1 About Charles & Keith

From its humble beginnings in 1996 at a 500 square feet store in Amara Shopping Centre Singapore, Charles & Keith has made significant growth, and to date, covers countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. The worldwide uniformity of the brand is managed by the Charles & Keith International division, strategically guided by its successful franchise model.

Dedicated to trendy shoppers, Charles & Keith develop a distinctive line of fashion forward designs that cater to market sentiments in fast velocity. Attention to product design and fashion trends is the driving aesthetic force of Charles & Keith as the brand continues to provide shoppers with a plethora of stylish footwear and accessories to complement and complete their wardrobe.

2.2 Reasons for Choosing Ireland

Ireland may refer to the island of Ireland located in the northwest of Europe and the west of the island of Great Britain. It is now politically divided into: Republic of Ireland, an independent country, under the jurisdiction of the 5/6 area; Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, to govern the north-eastern area of 1/6.

Charles & Keith’s investment in Ireland will be back-up by Charles & Keith’s strong financial background, Charles & Keith’s supply base, advanced chain supply technologies and more...
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