Charlie Brooker

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  • Published : September 29, 2014
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Charlie Brooker’s article on the voice was writien for a purpose. 1 purpose. To mock and ridicule the T.V programme “The Voice”. As he writes in an iconoclastic theme which essentially means he RANTS about whatever ANNOYS him. This article being one of many… Throughout the humorous article Brooker bombards the piece with sarcasm and humor of all sorts, for any audience to be as happy as a clam in high water. Brooker is able to grab hold of the reader from the very first sentence due to the way he begins it “I don’t know if you saw,” as this type of sentence starter is a conversational one; due to the fact he is starting it rather informally creating a bond with the reader, as well as asking the reader indirectly whether or not he watched it. Straight after, we read the sentence “although I’m guessing you didn’t” this represents a sarcastic assumption in answer to his earlier remark. As well as emphasizing how corrupt “The Voice” is, hence creating a comment which is seen as humorous by the reader. We are also able to analyze how well both of the sentences correspond to each other, therefore are not changing subjects confusing the reader, making him feel like a bee trying to get nectar from the sun.

Brooker reinforces his dislike for the genre by claiming “The Voice claims they don’t judge- they coach. Then it shows them judging the shit out of everybody”. Brooker uses colorful language (swear words) to continue his mission to hypnotize people away from being drawn to “The Voice” via sarcasm and comparison, as well as placing his point of view across in a less subtle way. We are also able to detect a change of tone through the use of the dash, which is used to create a dramatic pause and change the tone of the writing. Furthermore, Brooker continues to engage with the reader through using forms of dialogue within his article, which therefore keeps the reader entertained and feel like a part of the piece.

Another example of colorful language is...
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