Children using social media

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  • Published : October 27, 2013
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 Children Using Social Media

Many children have access to the Internet whether it is by computer, smartphone, tablet or other different types of electronics. Parents allow their children access to the Internet, but a majority of parents don’t have control over their child’s usage. There are websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram, in which many children under the age of 15 and under have profiles. Social media allows people to interact with other users, whether it is people they know in person or even with strangers. It allows people to share their lives with the online world and it all happens with the use of social media. However, there have been many reports of cyber bullying, privacy concerns and many other different crimes being committed on the Internet. Therefore, in today’s world the Internet is not a 100% safe and secure environment. On the Internet, there are thousands of pictures of alcohol, tobacco and sexual behaviors and every user has access to the inappropriate pictures. With social media, teenagers have access to see adults give their thoughts about drugs, sex and alcohol and the opinion of those people may influence the minds of children. At a young age, children are affected and influenced by adults and even manipulated by adults on the Internet which makes it hazardous for them to have social media accounts. There are Internet users who spend all their time on the Internet, only to chat with anonymous strangers and there is a possibility of meeting sexual predators in the Internet. Therefore, children that are fifteen years of age and under must not have social media accounts because social media has negative effects on their grades, impacts human behavior and also leads to privacy issues.

Firstly, the use of social media negatively impacts the grades of teenagers. For this purpose, social media takes a lot of time out of time out of people’s lives. Internet users are...
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