China's Influence on Korea and Vietnam

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  • Published : July 15, 2014
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Chapter 13
As the Chinese influence spread throughout more surrounding areas of southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam all imported the culture in different ways, as well as to different extents. Japan has its own way that they imported the culture, while Korea and Vietnam had a similar approach. Japan seemed more independent and self sufficient than Korea and Vietnam. Korea and Vietnam both seemed very reliant on the Chinese influence. During the Takia, Nara, and Heian periods, from the seventh to the ninth centuries, Japanese borrowing from the Chinese peaked. The Japanese borrowed from the Chinese but were not conquered by them. The Takia reforms attempted to make Japan more like China, like the worship in China style temples, and the admiration of Buddhists. However the Kamakura Shogun ate (1192-1333) possessed a lack of Chinese influence, and Japan started to be more self sufficient and do their own thing. Japan was very independent in that they did not require much Chinese influence to remain progressive. The Koreans and Vietnamese both imported the Chinese culture in ways such as going to Chinese style schools, accepting Buddhists, and paying tribute, all which fall under sinification which is basically becoming more like the Chinese. Although the Vietnamese did not enjoy the Chinese rule over them they paid tribute to learn from the Chinese. But the hate of their rule led to revolts and rebellions against the Chinese rule. The Koreans however did not seem to have a problem with the sinification. Eventually the Koreans and Vietnamese borrowed things like agricultural techniques (irrigation), architecture (pagodas), and Buddhist views. Koreans and Vietnamese seemed to benefit from the Chinese influence more than regret it. While the Japanese were more independent and borrowed bare minimum from the Chinese, the Koreans and the Vietnamese seemed to benefit greatly from the knowledge they received from the Chinese. They learned about irrigation,...
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