Clerks Film Analysis

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  • Published : December 21, 2014
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Clerks: Film Analysis

Clerks is a 1994 satirical comedy film directed by independent director Kevin Smith that explores the mundane lives of two small-time convenience store clerks as they go about their tiring day-to-day existences. The film’s main character, Dante, is in his early twenties and has grown fed up of working in a dead end job rather than fulfilling his true potential and is somewhat depressed about his prospects for the future. His friend, Randall, works nearby in a videos-for-hire store and is slightly more optimistic about his life. As there is strangely not much of a high concept storyline throughout the film, most of the humor derives from the often hilarious interaction between the characters, most notably between Dante and Randall as Dante expresses his wishes to leave his job and girlfriend and begin a somewhat more fulfilling life.

Kevin Smith chose to film his piece entirely in black and white. Though this could be seen as highlighting the low-budget Kevin Smith had to work with during production, this technique seems to work strangely well due to the rather mundane atmosphere the film sets around its key characters, almost as if the movie itself is filmed from store surveillance cameras. This also serves to give the film a more black comedy element to it.

Like Smith’s choice in lighting, he has chosen to manage sound in a way that underlies the low mood the film sets. Most scenes tend to have low volume as it is primarily the dialogue audiences will derive most entertainment from.

Messages and Values:
Satire is a theme that flows throughout the film, trying to highlight the humor in the mundane world of a small-time life and career. Smith has selected carefully themes that needed to be addressed his film, including consumerism and strange, un-filling products that are being made available to the general public and how customers tend to care more about them than they should do....
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