Cmgt 554 Week 5

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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CMGT 554 Week 5 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal UoP

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal
CMGT 554
Week 5

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal
In today’s market you must have a Web presence to compete. Hospitals are no longer immune to changes brought about by the intenet and web based transactions. Patton-Fuller must look internally to see what services could be offered through a Web Portal to extend as much information to their patients as possible. Some information that could be delivered to patients electronically are newsletters, viewing of peoples public information that are currently in the hospital, such as patients’ room numbers, as well as the ability to purchase hospital uniforms online. Some online services that are available at other hospitals include: the ability to pay bills online, research available positions and fill out applications, and transmit data to doctors from monitoring devices from the comfort of your own home. These services may be used at Patton-Fuller to make things more convenient for patients who owe bills and have mobility limitations, make applying for a job quicker and easier, and allow doctors to receive vital information without requiring a patient to drive all the way to the hospital. Improving efficiency and scheduling can cut the time down that patients have to sit in waiting rooms. The hospital can provide online patient calendars coupled with text or email alerts for better handling of clients time to avoid having patients forced to sit for extended times in waiting rooms. These alerts could also inform patients if earlier time slots are available for consultations and give the patient the opportunity to select the new time-slot or keep their old appointment time. Alerts can allow the hospital to manage its available time-slots more efficiently as well as see the maximum amount of patient at any given day. Better management of hospital time will also...
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