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  • Published : May 4, 2014
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Communist Manifesto Essay
Ms. Lipps
Communist Society
In The Communist Manifesto, I believe the authors’ Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is trying to reach the goal of a perfect society by illustrating ideas of a perfectly successful society, a communist society. Simply put, a communist society is one where all property is held in common. No one person has more than the other, but rather everyone shares in the fruits of their labors.

The section ends by outlining a set of short-term demands. These included, among others, the abolition of both private land ownership and of the right to inheritance, a progressive income tax, universal education, centralization of the means of communication and transport under state management, and the expansion of the means of production owned by the state. The implementation of these policies, would, the authors believed, be a precursor to the stateless and classless society He believes that communism creates the correct balance between the needs of the individual, and the needs of society. He also believes that sometimes violence is necessary to reach the state of communism.Quite clearly, Marx is concerned with the organization of society. Clearly, Marx believes that it is wrong for the majority of society, the proletariat, to suffer so. He believes that individuals should be equal, not divided into two distinct worlds. Marx describes the current individual in society saying that, In bourgeois society, capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality (Marx 59). He also makes the distinguishing point that it is important for the reader to realize that objections they have more than likely rise up from their own bourgeoisie background. Marx (and communism) wants to correct society so that all individuals benefit without a particular ruling and enslaved class. Marx speaks for communism saying, All that we want to do away with, is the miserable character of this...
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