Comparison of Empire of the Sun and Chinese Cinderella

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  • Published : June 2, 2013
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Comparison of Empire of the Sun and Chinese Cinderella
[pic] Caption: The Japanese Internment of Allied Civilians in China Caption:The cruel treatment from Japanese. [pic] Though set in different places and social background, Empire of the Sun and Chinese Cinderella also take place in political and social perspective. The setting of Chinese Cinderella and Empire of the Sun are both Shanghai in the Second World War, which was invaded by Japanese. In Chinese Cinderella, the writer suggested Japanese were cruel. Ye Ye stopped Third Brother from kicking a ball made of newspaper as the photo of the Japan Emperor were printed. It also mentions that Chinese was scared of the Japanese but dared not to say it. Similarly, Empire of the Sun mentioned various political conflicts. Jamie went back home and saw a symbol of the Japanese Emperor was printed outside his house. One of his maids slapped him as Jamie was not welcome back to his home. It also suggested that Japanese were cruel.

Also, the difference of class was very important in two stories. In Chinese Cinderella, French was much more superior in the Yen’s family and. In the Yen’s family, Niang became the most powerful one. She controlled everything and Father would not have opposition with her. For example, Niang decided to send Adeline to an orphanage and Father had no argument. Niang’s children were also more powerful than the step children. Father also introduced Niang to his friends as French was having more power in the control of French. In Empire of the Sun, the situation seemed to be different. The class difference played an important role. Jim’s family came from upper class and his father was wealthy. They liked to show off in front of the crowd. When Jim and his parents were invited to an elegant ball, all the guests dressed beautifully. Also, when Jim was separated from his mother, he was caught by Japanese. Luckily, he was treated normally. Unlike other...
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