Concept Of Nursing Rounds

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  • Published : December 14, 2014
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Concept of Nursing Rounds: What is it and is it a good thing? Meghan Glass
Northland Pioneer College

Nursing rounds play an extremely important role in the field of nursing. The concept of nursing rounds is to ultimately provide patient safety. In order to provide patient safety, hourly rounding was initiated. Patient safety has always been an important part of nursing rounds, but recently it has been revamped. The purpose of hourly nursing rounds is to check on the patient on an hourly basis and then document your interaction with the patient. Frequent rounding on patients has allowed nurses to gather more assessment information on their patient and anticipation of needs. According to AMN Healthcare Education Services article, “Hourly Rounding & Fall Prevention: A Winning Strategy”, a purposeful round includes checking on the status of the 4 P’s: Pain assessment, Positioning, Potty, and Possessions (p.2).

When performing the nursing rounds you are assessing whether or not your patient is experiencing any pain, repositioning the patient if needed, assisting the patient to the restroom, and ensuring that the patient’s call light is within reach, as well as the patients belongings and water. Going into the patient’s room often decreases the amount of call lights because the patient is aware that someone will be consistently available if needed. Frequent rounding also allows the patient to feel that they are receiving a higher quality of care during their hospitalization, ensuring patient satisfaction. This statement has also been supported in Davies’ (2010) article, “Hourly Patient Rounding”, when Davies states “an effective hourly rounding program can decrease call bells and falls, along with increase patient and staff satisfaction” (p.1). After several studies were performed, nurses reported that by rounding more frequently, they had more time for documentation, they were giving their medications on...
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