Confidentiality in a Medical Office

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  • Published : September 15, 2013
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How would you feel if you had a serious illness or disease and everyone had access to your personal information? Personally, I would be distraught. Confidentiality is using discretion in keeping secret information. Without confidentiality in a medical office anyone can be entitled to the patients’ personal information. The importance of confidentiality is very high, what someone’s medical history is should be between them and their physician.

Although everyone does not have an illness or disease, it is still important that what they go to the doctor for is kept confidential. It is important for someone who is seeking profession in the medical field to remember that unless the patient signs an authorization form authorizing their medical records be released, that information is to stay confidential. Confidentiality encourages patients’ to be more open about what is happening to them, if the patient feels as though they have to hold back information with the fear of it being broadcast it could possibly cause the patient mistreatment.

As a Medical Biller and Coder there are several ways to protect and maintain the confidentiality of a patients’ record. You should always remember to never leave a patients’ files lying around. Whenever you walk away from your desk be sure to log out and never leave the patients information up on your computer screen. Never have discussions of the patient’s personal information with someone other than the patient or the physician seeing the patient. Last but not least always obtain a written authorization form before releasing any disclosed information.

To conclude, we must remember as healthcare workers to always be mindful and respectful of other people’s feelings. We need to remember that what we do not want done to us we should never do to others. Remember to always be positive, no matter how bad a patients situation may be, it always helps when you are surrounded by positivity. Nevertheless ALWAYS be respectful, caring,...
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