Consulting Firm Role Identification

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  • Published : February 18, 2009
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Consulting Firm Role Identification

Phoenix Business Solutions is a consulting firm that will cover two main areas, financial and managerial. The company will offer the following consulting services: The financial services offered are:

(1) Investment advice - makes investment recommendations and conduct securities analysis for customers. (2) Financial services - Aid in making sure companies understand and are adequately using financial service vehicles available to them. This can prove a beneficial concept because simple accounts can assist the company in managing money more efficiently. (3) Turnaround advice - The ultimate goal is to provide a plan that helps a company obtain a more profitable outcome. This includes: pricing schedules, sales projections and over all finical position schedule. (4) Crisis management - assess a situation from inside and outside of the business, techniques to take action to keep damages from spreading, can comply with regulatory and ethical requirements, manage serious incidents or incidents that may become serious, show staff awareness of their roles and expectations within the company, to help with confidence and morality within the company. (5) Accounting - posts charges, sends invoices to clients, posts payments and any adjustments necessary, daily deposits, balance receivables and payables. (6) Forensic accounting - analyze and correct any defects in the companies reporting system, to govern the company through ethical behavior, openness and fairness and ensuring informed decision making throughout the company, knowledge of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, to be financial detective, to uncover fraudulent financial reporting and the miss use of assets, the most important is to maintain policies of ethical behavior within the company. (7) Dispute resolution - research and solve all disputes within the organization, checks and balances on accounting ensuring that all invoices are paid correctly, contacting clients...
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