Consumer Behavior

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  • Published : March 2, 2014
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Identify the store and the day and time you made your observation. In order for me to observe consumer behaviors, I went to my local grocery store Wegmans. Wegmans is a popular chain grocery store in my area and where I do all my grocery shopping. In fact, they are the number one choice of most consumers in the Western New York area, not only because of their prices and variety but also due their local presence and contributions to the community. In my observations, I chose two aisles: the first one is the Cereal Aisle and Bread Aisle in order to see how consumer behavior varies for different products. In addition, realizing that consumers may behave differently depending on time of the day it is, I visited the store twice, once on a Thursday evening at 7 pm and the other on a Sunday at 2 pm. Analyze the behaviors you observed to determine how consumers progressed through the consumer behavior process while in different aisles. I observed 5 consumers in total, consumer A and B in the cereal aisle and consumer C, D and E in the Bread aisle. When making a purchase decision, a consumer goes through a process which is often composed of stages: Recognition, Information Search, Alternative evaluation, Purchase decision, and Post-purchase behavior. In this experiment, consumers recognized that they have the need to buy cereal or bread. At the store, these consumers faced many options, especially for cereals. I personally always been overwhelmed by the options available whether it comes to cereal or even bread for that matter. These consumers made their purchase decision based on price, value and familiarity with the product. After making their decision, consumers showed different post-purchase behavior. Some of them picked the product and quickly left the aisle and others stayed in the aisle checking other alternatives even though they didn’t change their mind. Assess how consumers determine value for their various purchases. This can be addressed with at least two...
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