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  • Published : October 16, 2013
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Latria Stridiron
Human Behavior and The Social Environment
SOWK 331
October 16, 2013

Cameron and Christine

Using the Moral Development theory describes Cameron actions as being Conventional, which Kohlberg states at the age of 10-13 you respect higher authorities. When the police stopped Cameron and his wife he was showing respect to the officers because he learned at an early age to respect higher authority. Christian on the other hand who was drunk was acting post-conventional stating that she obviously experienced something above the age of 10-13 that morally made her go against respecting those of higher authority and in this case a police officer. Than there was when Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model comes in to play such as Dissonance. Cameron and Christine both became aware that racism exists. Officer John made it clear that he had no respect for African Americans, once he sexually assaulted Christine in front of Cameron. After this incident and Christine reaction to her husband allowing the officer to sexually assault her brought up the Biological theory Principle 1 the protection of life. Christine felt that her husband did not protect her and Erickson’s psychosocial theory comes into play because Christine began to consider feelings of mistrust towards both Cameron and Officer John. Cameron wife reactions to him made him feel a sense of inferiority, because he allowed someone to violate his wife in his presents and he started to question his own personal beliefs whether or not he had done the right thing by obeying the law. His Ego allowed him to respect the law; Cameron Super-Ego gave him feelings of guilt where later he exhibited post-conventional behavior towards higher authority because of the experience he had earlier on in the movie.

Detective Graham and Mother
Detective Graham and his mother both used Defense Mechanisms to cope with a lot of their life issues. Graham who has seen his mother use...
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