Crime: Fraud and Overall White Collar

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  • Published : October 25, 2013
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“Criminal phenomenon” is known as white collar crime. White collar crime was firstly talked by Edwin H. Sutherland who was a criminologist. He defined white collar crime in a presidential meeting of the American Sociological Society. This meeting was held at the state of Philadelphia in December 1939 to 1940s. He defined white collar crime as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation”. (“Sutherland, 1949:9”). White collar crime includes several of examples such as illegal exploitation of employees, violation, taxes, computer crimes and many more. White collar crime is most characteristically outlined in relation of class attitudes towards those who commit it. Although these offences are penalised by the law but it’s usually considered by the courts and by sections of general public but as much as less guilty crimes are made by individuals there are generally punished by the courts. White collar crime is one of the most dangerous crimes which individuals make profit from couple of hundreds to dollars to millions of dollars and it can be carried out by only one person or a group of people. White collar offenders are normally citizens that come from high social status such as people with degrees in middles class and upper class. If a person is poor there are not most likely to commit crime. This type of crime affects everyone from the communication from business companies. Between white collar crime and street crime there is a massive impact, although white collar criminals often learn to attract less to public attention but the huge public attention attract more depending on an individual and a business. As I mention above people who commit white collar crime are more likely in the middle to upper class societies such as doctors. White collar crime occurs in many forms of ways but this doesn’t involve any physical assault on a person. The occurrences of white collar crime it causes damage to...
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