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  • Published : July 28, 2013
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Cross-Cultural Realities at Work
John Doe
Motivation and Leadership
Professor: Frank Franks
June 10, 2012
Cross-Cultural Realities at Work
I conducted an interview with my neighbor who has a very different cultural background than my own and who does a job that is much different than my own. I would first like to give a brief overview of things that we discussed and then I will take this information and try to answer questions of culture, values, work, behaviors, and give insight into communicating between cultures. My neighbor is Insert Name. She is Chinese and her family is from near Taiwan. She is older than myself and currently takes care of her household. The answers and questions pertained to the last job she had which took place at the same time she was finishing her Master’s Degree. Insert Name was a teacher of Japanese and English. To be more precise the university in which she was pursuing her Master’s had Chinese students who were majoring in Japanese language studies. In this program you must take a second language as a minor and most students took English. Insert Name taught these students Japanese and English as she was fluent in both and in Chinese. She was teaching this class in Japan and since she was so deep in culture mixing she had to be careful of certain things like diversity management as we read about on page 259 in our book. One example is that in Japan it is more important to be respectful than it was in her home country of China. Not respectful like saying hello, but more in a different way such as not making others feel uncomfortable. If a student does well you would congratulate them alone after class and never single them out in the class and let everyone know how well they were doing. This would lead to major embarrassment and much grief. The thing she says she liked most about American culture is the freedoms it has. The people can do so many things she never dreamed of. They can even say what they feel even if it offends...
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