Curse of Poverty

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  • Published : June 27, 2013
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Poverty is curse as far as
developing and underdeveloped
countries are concerned.
Developed countries such as US
are not faced with poverty as
their population is provided well
with material things, food,
clothes and shelter. In fact, these
countries enjoy luxuries rather
than comforts.
Developing nations such as India
and underdeveloped African
nations face acute poverty. Some
of these countries are over
populated and are unable to feed
their millions. Many people
experience starvation and are
Nations that experience poverty
have fewer natural resources
and even if they have they are
unable to exploit them to the
maximum. Much concern is
expressed by world bodies such
as United Nations, World Bank
about the seriousness about the
poverty levels in these backward
How poverty affects a nation?
People suffer from malnutrition.
Disease spreads.
People are either starved or
Lack of proper medical facilities.
Educational opportunities are
It is difficult to build a proper
infrastructure within the country
to ensure adequate economic
facilities for the people.
Availability of sophisticated
technology for industries can be
inadequate as it is difficult for
these countries to provide the
necessary technical know- how.
Per capita income is low.
Industrial growth can be
stagnant due to lack of necessary
Depend upon outside financial
assistance such as aid from
World Bank etc.
Why developed countries do not
face poverty?
Developed countries have plenty
of resources on hand. They are
able to manage their industries
well. They are able to provide
sufficient food, clothing and
shelter to their population. They
have plenty of financial resources
at their disposal to set up
industries and experiment with
new technology. People are well
educated and are able to
contribute to the economy in a
positive way. They are not a
burden, but an asset. The
standard of...
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