Cyber Bullying

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  • Published : June 2, 2013
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Cyber bullying
1) What is it?
2) What are the problems caused by cyber bullying?
3) What are the solutions?

Cyber bullying is the act of bullying someone by using electronic technology. The electronic technology includes any communication tools such as cellphones and computers to send and share texts, images and videos. Cyber bullying is usually done by publishing on Facebook, Twitter or on a blog embarrassing content in order to cause a very bad reputation to the targeted person. There are many problems caused by cyber bullying. First, when the inappropriate content has been published, it is very hard to delete it as it can be copied and spread very fast. Children who are victims of cyber bullying tend to skip school to avoid facing the others. Their self-esteem decrease and they are more likely to have health problems. Moreover, studies have shown an increase of the use of alcohol or drugs and poor grades at school. In the most extreme case, cyber bulling can lead to suicide. Many solutions can be set to avoid cyber bullying. First, children have to be sensibilized to the concept of cyber bullying and the common precautions to follow when using Internet. Be aware of what children are doing online. Know what they are doing, who they are chatting to and install parental control filtering software. Then rules must be established when using electronic devices. One has to be clear about what sites children can visit and what they can do online. Kids must be encouraged to think about the consequences of a content published online before posting it. They should think about the people who will be able to see it: strangers, real friends, friends of friends? Children should also be taught to keep their passwords private as sharing this information may lead to the compromise of their online identities. By applying all this advice, children will reduce the probability of being a victim of cyber bullying. Source:
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