Cyber Bullying Among Teenagers

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  • Published : February 5, 2014
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An Undergraduate Research Paper Presented
Prof. Rene Laurente G. Reyes

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For ENGL 1023


Bernadette A. MendozaRosette Diane A. Sta. Rosa
Christine Joy D. TamayoElijah Mae J. Santos
Angelika Ramota

January 13, 2014

Cyber Bullying among Teenagers

I. Cyber Bullying
a. Definition
b. History
c. Thesis Statement
II. Bullies and the Victims
a. Feelings
b. Facing Bullying
III. Causes of Cyber Bullying
a. Social Media
b. Gender Difference
c. Racism
IV. Effects of Cyber Bullying
a. Psychological
b. Psychosocial
V. Preventive Measures on Cyber Bullying
a. Cyber Bullying Act
b. Parent’s Duty
c. Set Security and Privacy Settings
d. Observe the Child’s Internet Use
e. Contact the Parents of the Bully
VI. Findings
VII. Recommendations

Cyber Bullying among Teenagers

Thesis Statement: Cyber Bullying has found its way to become widespread phenomenon due to modernization. I. Bullying has become part of our everyday lives; It became epidemic nowadays. We cannot take away the fact that there are just two kinds of teenagers living in today’s generation: the bullies and the victims. Every day, people suffer from those intimidations they are receiving from other people, while some feels so happy about the fact that they were able to hurt others physically and emotionally. It is just so saddening to know that we could not just stop those bullies around the corner; they always find a way to threaten other people. Because of the advancement in technology, bullies found an easier way in harassing people with just a click away. Also, it has become more severe because social media provides a variety of audiences which allows them to become negatively aware. A. Definition

According to Michelle New, PhD, Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. By definition, it occurs among young people. When an adult is involved, it may meet the definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, a crime that can have legal consequences and involve jail time. It is also defined by “as the using of technology to bully someone”. B. History of Cyber bullying

Bullying, a definition
“The word “bully” can be traced back as far as the 1530s. (Harper, 2008). In its most basic sense bullying involves two people, a bully or intimidator and a victim. The bully abuses the victim through physical, verbal, or other means in order to gain a sense of superiority and power. These actions may be direct (i.e. hitting, verbally assaulting face-to-face, etc.) or (i.e. rumors, gossip, etc.) Origins of bullying

The desire to survive is instinctual and common among all living things. Survival is associated directly with competition due to the multitude of species and limited natural resources on the planet. Since the beginning of time there has been a constant drive to out-perform others and overcome obstacles. This survival instinct, along with a competitive atmosphere, has remained the same as the human race has evolved. Both of these forces have flowed over into the educational, social, and economic realms. This competitive hierarchy, though prevalent in most societies, varies across cultures depending on their ethical systems, traditions, and the type of control exerted by the government. Unfortunately, the U.S. capitalistic society inadvertently pushes the belief that success and wealth go hand in hand. This ideology has shaped a nation where bullying is unintentionally instilled as a survival tactic from a very young age. From the time an American child enters grade school, he or she is taught to be the best he or she can. This seemingly innocent lesson can morph as a child develops throughout his or her education. Students often learn corrupt ways to get ahead in the highly competitive educational and social environments that grade school presents. These bullying...
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