Cyberbully Essay

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  • Published : January 15, 2015
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Lucy Miller
Period 3/4
Should Individuals be Prosecuted for Statements made on Social Media?
Cyberbullies should be prosecuted for what they say or do on social media. Physiologist Eden Foster stated “In order for behavior to be defined as cyberbullying it must be repeated, hostile, and sever with the intent to embarrass threaten or harass.” “Twenty percent of youth ages 11-18 have been a victim of cyberbullying” says the Cyberbullying Research Center. This needs to stop. If Cyberbullying is against the law, less people would be victimized.

Keep in mind, cyberbullying can cause mental disturbance to teens. Suicide and self-harm is a big problem in our world. A lot of suicidal people are like this because of cyberbullying. A girl named Amanda Todd took her life due to being cyberbullied by fake friends, boys, and total strangers. There are teens like her going through the same thing. Physiologist Eden Foster further states “If the bill is passed it will ensure that the cyberbully will be held accountable for the behavior that led to someone getting hurt.” The cyberbullies say mean stuff which causes teens to be depressed and want to commit suicide. The bully will be held responsible for putting thoughts in teen’s heads which causes suicide.

As you may know, most kids are on social media. In fact nine out of 10 kids are on social media, to connect with family and friends. But, sadly there are people who invade on teens accounts and their privacy. These people are cyberbullies who pretend to be someone else. Fake identification is against the law. “Lori Drew was convicted of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act after creating a fake MySpace account.” Says the Dangers of Cyberbulling Radio Interview. This account was used to victimize a 13 year old girl, Megan Meir. The Cyberbully infiltrates into the victims account. This is wrong because the victim is just using the social media account to connect with family and friends.

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