Cyberbullying Essay

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  • Published : May 29, 2015
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Nicolas Rincon
Mass Comm 101
May 20, 2013

Cyberbullying is defined as any type of bullying that takes place through the use of an electronic device. It could be through the use of a computer, cell phone, or tablet. Those affected by cyberbullying are far reaching, and the effect it can have on people is massive. Cyberbullying is very prevalent in the world today. In a study done on kids ages 9-11, about 1 in every 5 stated that they had experienced some sort of cyberbullying. The number is astounding and should alarm parents of what is a growing trend in the world. Cyberbullying is on the rise and parents must be aware of what they're kids are dealing with. (Fraser-Thill) Often times kids are the ones who experience some sort of cyberbullying. With the increase in social media activity, kids have been more vulnerable to cyberbullying. Usually, it is the kids who are "different" that experience the cyberbullying. They are seen as weak, and therefore, may have a low self-esteem. (Risk) When analyzing the people who are most likely to be cyberbullies, there are a few things a person can look for. For one thing, the person may be very popular among a group of people. They may be very aggressive, and view violence in a positive way. Often times, the person or persons may have a problem with authority and following the rules. (Risk) One can dig deeper to see that there are often motives behind a cyberbullies attacks. Studies done by suggest that there are at least nine possible reasons for their behavior. For the most part however, cyberbullies are fueled by jealousy, or revenge. This may be the result of cliques at school. (Sanders) Luckily, parents and schools have decided to take a stand, and prevent as much cyberbullying as they can. Both schools, and parents are now advocating for laws on cyberbullying with the intention of limiting how much there is. Schools in particular have taken it upon themselves to inform the kids about...
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