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  • Published : February 18, 2015
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Task 9 Describe typical behaviors exhibited by children linked to their stage of development and key events in their lives Most of the behaviour that children display at each age and stage in their development is quite normal. Every child is unique and they all develop at their own pace. Below are some typical behaviours exhibited by children linked to their stage of development?

Typical Behaviours

why they may occur

0-1 years old
May show anxiety towards strangers.
Will show annoyance and anger through body movements.
startingg to realise other people exists
Babies will try to communicate through body language as they do not yet have the capability to converse.

1-2 years old
Growing independence can lead to rage when thwarted.
Can be obstinate and unwilling to follow adult suggestions.
The child will begin to develop a sense of 'self' and may want to do things on their own. This may indicate that the child is gaining confidence and may be testing boundaries, possibly trying to become more independent.

2-3 years old
Tantrums, nightmares and irrational fears.
Shows concern for others/begins to share playthings.
A child may have tantrums due to emotions becoming stronger and the child not being able to express themselves. A child may be showing more affection and care to close family and friends. Beginning to form relationship values, empathy beginning to develop.

3-4 years old
At this stage a child is further developing communication and friendship skills. They are further developing empathy and understanding the needs of others Becoming more cooperative and seeking adult approval.

This behaviour could be the result of tried and tested reactions in the past, the child is now learning to adapt behaviour for the best possible outcome.

4-5 years old
A child at this stage may now be self-confident.
Showing purpose and persistence.
They are becoming more independent sociably, being away from their family unit,...
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