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  • Published : February 5, 2015
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Directions: Please use the following chart to Summarize the Documents in your reading; to Identify the type of information that is gathered from each document; to Group documents together based upon common types of information; and to Connect the common information back to your thesis. Step 2: Create a working draft of your thesis / claim (i.e. What is your answer to the question posed in the reading?): Click here to enter text.

Step 1: Use the document chart below to help you identify EVIDENCE from the documents that supports your thesis: Document #:
Summary Statement (Identify the item being summarized and the main idea that item is communicating) Type of Information that is Gathered
Group Documents Together (Which documents communicate the same type of information?) How does this apply to the thesis? (Explanation / Reason the supporting detail supports thesis) Document 1

A map showing that England and Japan are both islands
Supporting Detail 1:

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Document 2

Factory conditions in both countries are similar
Working conditions

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Document 3

In England, the workers are mostly young women
Age and gender for English workers

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Document 4

In Japan, the workers are almost entirely young women
Age and genders for Japanese workers

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Document 5

Working conditions for both English and Japanese factory workers were difficult with long days and few breaks Daily life of a factory worker
Supporting Detail 2:
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Document 6

The pay in English factories is very little and women make substantially less than men Wages for English factory workers

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Document 7

In England, men are making substantially more than women for doing the same job Wages for English men vs women in factories

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