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  • Published : October 18, 2013
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Hi ate Marycar,

Every 14th day of July is your most awaited day. But this year, it’s different. It’s the day that you are of legal age; ready to face the world of reality. You’re eighteen. You’re older now. Life would be more complicated than usual; more struggles to face, more problems to solve. But let us think positive. You have more years to live.

I don’t know what to say ‘coz wala jud ko kaexpect nga apil kos imong 18 candles. I thought walay cards, but then naa so dili ko kaayo prepared. Naglisod ko unsa ako ma-say.

Bitaw, te Marycar, salamat sa tanan. Thank you kay nagkaila ta. Thank you kay nagkaclose ta “gamay”. Thank you kay naa ra ka every time kinahanglan ta ka.Mao thankful kayo ko nimo. I feel so lucky nga imo ko gipaapil sa 18 candles. Bisag daghan ka ug girlfriends, wala ko nimo nakalimtan. As in naappreciate gud toh nako. Salamat utro.

Also, I’m sorry for my flaws as a friend. I’m not the perfect friend you’ve wanted. I know that you have so many friends to keep you instead of me, but I want you to know that you’ll always have someone to run to when you need to. Kung wa kay ka-talk, dia ra ko. Kung wa kay ka-laag, dia ra pud ko. Kung wa kay mahilakan, dia ra pud ko. Mamati man ko nimo gud.

Love you te Car. Happy 18th Birthday! Good luck sa studies and God bless.

Happy birthday to you. On your 18th year, I wish you all the best in life. 18 years had passed and I know you had some challenges that you have successfully overcame. I hope that you will remain strong in whatever challenges you may encounter in the future. Always remember that I will be here if you need help. I also pray that you will continue to be happy. Another year was added and I know many changes will happen but our friendship will never change. As you also enter another chapter of your life, may you continue to dream and may you also succeed. I wish you all the best and I love you always. 
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