Delegation and Interdisciplinary Care

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  • Published : June 26, 2013
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Delegation and Interdisciplinary Care

NVT2- Western Governors University

Promoting interdisciplinary care is essential to any functional and successful healthcare setting for both patients and staff. In the given case study there are several disciplines that are not being utilized to the benefit of Ms. W (FNP) and Ms. R, the patient. As the nurse supervisor it would be my responsibility to ensure that staff members on every level knew the resources available to them and how they could benefit the patients. To spread this information an employee meeting may be appropriate so that all staff members could communicate their roles and opportunities for patient involvement. This would also need to include the steps a practitioner would follow to engage an appropriate discipline. It would be my responsibility as the nurse supervisor to let Ms. W know that her hard work in this case had not gone unnoticed, but that there were other specialties within the office that could assist her in the overall care of Ms. R. I would praise her for her commitment to patient care and encourage her to delegate appropriate tasks to other care providers in the office. I would explain that this will ensure Ms. R receives the education, resources and follow up needed, as well as allow more of Ms. W’s time and energy to go to other patients in need her services. As the nurse practitioner, it is Ms. W’s responsibility to refer out services that may be better suited for someone that specializes in a particular area. This will in turn provide a more well rounded patient experience, alleviate frustrations from Ms. W, and ensure proper follow up and education for Ms. R. Ms. W would be more effective in supervising the roles of the interdisciplinary team whom are most likely be able to carry out the individualized care the patient needs. Weydt states that, “One of the most complex nursing skills is that of delegation. It...
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