Develop a Personal Development Plan

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  • Published : September 1, 2013
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Introduction This document is an updated version of one circulated to you previously to help you with your Personal Development Plan (PDP) in relation to Appraisal and Revalidation. We all need to progress and develop our working lives for various reasons including: • • • • Prospects of a better job/better income. Personal satisfaction. Maintaining confidence. Gaining self-respect and the respect of others.

Personal Development Plans (PDPs) used effectively can provide a structure, which supports our education and development. They may promote quality and accountability which, for good or bad, seem to be important considerations in the future of general practice. A PDP is really a simple written down plan which sets out your medium to long-term aims and which demonstrates your on-going commitment to professional development. They are based on learning cycles of which we have ownership. They require us to establish what we need to learn rather than just what we want to learn. Encourage us to focus on what we want to achieve by recording this before we begin the process. We have to write down what we hope to achieve as a result of the timespent learning. They encourage us to think about how we can specifically achieve our aims by creating our own learning objectives. As a final step they require us to evaluate our learning and provide evidence of this learning. Personal Development Plans are not static and can evolve throughout the year although of course you will be asked to agree a draft plan with perhaps 3-5 development needs with your Appraiser. The RCGP have produced guidance and suggest that the initial PDP agreed you’re your Appraiser should contain perhaps 3-5 learning needs and that by the end of the year you might reasonably be expected to have completed two thirds of these. This recognizes that some needs may become redundant or other issues become more important during the year. It also recognizes that whilst a PDP is important, a substantial amount of learning may occur informally (If you have an ‘Activist’ learning style you will prefer this) and may not actually appear in your Personal Development 1

Plan. For example, many people like to learn by reacting to what they come across in their everyday surgeries. For example, you see a patient with a rash which you are unable to diagnose but which subsequently turns out to be Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. You may then feel that you want to learn about this so that next time you are in a better position to diagnose it. This is valid learning and would qualify for learning credits for Revalidation (see other documents) but may not necessarily appear within your PDP.

PDP and Annual Appraisal All GPs in Bromley have now undergone several annual appraisals and you will be aware that the final part of this involves drawing up a Personal Development Plan which effectively sets out some of your planned learning for coming year. As you know we are encouraging all of you to do this electronically using the NHS Appraisal Toolkit. At your appraisal your appraiser will “sign off” your PDP as being satisfactory. He or she may suggest changes at this stage. This agreement will be mutual. At the following year’s annual appraisal your appraiser will need to review the Personal Development Plan and see that you have achieved at least two thirds of the goals and will need to see evidence that you have done so. This is now very important. Your appraiser cannot reasonably sign off your appraisal and PDP if he or she has not seen evidence of completion of these goals. If your needs and priorities have changed during the year you will need to explain this to your appraiser. The appraiser will have to satisfy himself that you have done this work satisfactorily so that the appraisal can be signed off and will count towards your revalidation.

PDP/Appraisal Links with Revalidation We now know that five satisfactory appraisals will put you...
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