Developed Country and Nokia

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  • Published : August 13, 2013
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Suggestions for answering the questions
1. What are the trends in the mobile handset industry? What is Nokia's strategy and how has globalisation changed its way of operation? Where is the market for mobile handsets? In the developed markets? In the emerging economies? What is the nature of demand in these markets? What kinds of handsets do people want? What are the costs of manufacturing? How can these costs be reduced? Has globalisation shifted economic activity between and within regions? In what way? Look up a concept called "value chain". Is it relevant here? Nokia opened its factory in Germany in 1987, why do you think it made that decision then and what about the costs that it must have incurred till now? Is Nokia's decision to relocate its factory is legitimate? Why or why not? Could Nokia have made the Bochum plant more competitive? How?

2. Was the German backlash against Nokia justified? How can nations make themselves more competitive?

What are the factors that make a country competitive? Evaluate these factors for Germany. On what factor(s) was Germany competitive or uncompetitive?

How will Nokia's exit affect Germany's reputation? How will it affect other companies wanting to move to Germany?

What should Germany do to make itself more competitive?

3. What, if any, were the flaws in Nokia's approach to announce and handle its plant closure? What can the company do now for damage control?

What are the problems that can arise in closing a plant?

What measures should a company take to manage a successful exit?

What did Nokia not do well? What did it do well?

Should Nokia have followed the "The German way" in closing its plant? What would have been the advantages and disadvantages?

What should Nokia do to handle the crisis?

Does Nokia come across as a value-driven company with a human touch?

Backlash against capitalism and rekindling of nationalism.
Examples of (a) the backlash against...
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