Developing Countries

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  • Published : February 19, 2015
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Koby Delgado AP-Human Geography March 23, 20141st period

The primary sector is a sector where lower income families are usually located, as for the secondary sector is for families with an average yearly income would be located. The tertiary sector is the sector with higher income families they are the ones that contribute in to the economy a bit more than the secondary and primary sectors. The country will soon start developing by those primary workers and secondary workers. They will help in the economy by turning it around and helping it become soon a fully developed country. A least Developed Country has a higher percentage of primary workers rather than secondary and tertiary workers since the country is a least developed there will be less secondary and tertiary workers. If the country one day becomes a Newly Industrialized Country all 3 groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary will have a drastic shift. The country will then have a larger population of people in the secondary sectors working and they will have less primary workers. The country will also start having a developing tertiary sector that will soon fully develop. Both secondary and tertiary sectors are going to help in the development of the country to become a More Developed Country. When the country becomes a More Developed country all the sectors will switch again. The country will have more tertiary sector jobs, it will also have a great percentage of secondary workers. As the country becomes a More Developed Country it will have only a small percentage of primary drops, it will start dropping and dropping until there is only a very small percentage left. The country will start benefiting more from the tertiary sector since they are the ones that contribute more towards the economy. The primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors will change as the country develops from a Least Developed Country to a...
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