dialysis reelction

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  • Published : November 18, 2014
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1. Dialysis is a treatment that removes excess waste from the body because the kidneys cannot. 2. Patients receive dialysis to help them remove waste from their bodies because they cannot do it on their own. 3. Verifying and obtaining history of allergies is important because you don’t want to give a patient medication that they could have a reaction to. Before administering anything, you need to be aware of everything that’s going on with your patient. 4. Before the dialysis starts, the nurse checks the patient’s weight, blood pressure. During dialysis the blood pressure, pulse and temperature are constantly checked to make sure the patient is in good standing 5. Aseptic techniques used in dialysis are disposing of needles between each patient and never reusing supplies. After every patient the nurses set up new tubes for the next patient to use. Other techniques include hand washing and changing gloves before and after interacting with each patient. 6. During my observation the nurse prepared all of the patient’s medication at the same time. He waited until everyone was hooked up to the dialysis machine and relaxed. Nurse Darron reviewed each patient’s medication and prepared them accordingly. He then began to give the medication in sets. Everyone who was receiving the same medication got their medicine at the same time. 7. I observed every patient get weighed as soon as they walked in for their treatment. Each patient was taken to a chair where the dialysis machine was prepped and ready. The nurse obtained their blood pressure and temperature before doing anything. Most patients had fistulas and two needles were inserted into their fistulas. Other patients who didn’t have fistulas received dialysis through a catheter. After all of that is done the patient is then connected to the tubes to begin treatment. 8. I observed the nurse checking on the patients from time to time making sure their vital signs were okay and that they were fine, observe the...
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