Digging for Buried Treasure

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  • Published : November 16, 2013
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Chapter 5 & 6 Summary

Laila J. Talibdin

Debbie McCune
IEC 102
September 20, 2013

In this chapter we learn about guiding the behavior of young children in positive ways. We must learn to understand that the goal of guidance is to teach children how to control themselves in socially acceptable, respectful ways. But before we can ever determine what behaviors need to be “guided” we need to know what the behavioral norms for each stage are and how to interpret them. Six week old babies cry not to manipulate adults but to get our attention and 2 year olds by nature are defiant. By behaving defiantly, they aren’t trying to be “bad” rather; they are learning to assert themselves in the world. It is very common for three-year-olds to tell untruths. Adults need to realize that understanding the difference between fantasy and reality is a cognitive task for the early years. A four year old who steals something is not exhibiting criminal behavior; instead she may be demonstrating that she does not yet understand right from wrong. Guidance is much more than just responding to children’s behaviors. In fact it is actually the way an adult initiates interactions and the way adults deal with un-socialized behaviors. It is never ok to spank a child as children are most open to learning right after misbehaving or making a mistake. This is teachable moment where that child should remain calm and receptive to understand the consequences of their misbehavior or to accept feedback on their mistake. The primary lesson learned from spanking and other forms of punishment is that using force is okay. When children learn this lesson, they use force on other people, and this is never acceptable. Young children need limits more than rules. Limits are different from rules- they are restrictions, not regulations. Limits fall into two main categories: physical limits and adult limits. Physical limits consist of structural and security measures to keep children...
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