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  • Published : March 23, 2015
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Jordan Van Brunt
Ms. Kaskie
Research Essay
Driver Safety and Digital Billboards
When America saw its first digital billboard in 2005 people were both amazed at the new innovative technology, and afraid of what they may mean to driver safety. As with all new technology initial thoughts can be deceiving. Although its true digital billboards are interesting new pieces of tech, the thought of them causing a threat to driver safety is misplaced. The very goal of any billboard is to pull attention to itself, which is why many groups fear them as a threat to driving safety across our highways. However what many of these groups seemingly fail to realize is the fact that it’s not a problem for drivers to simply glance away from the frontal view of the road. Rather the problem lies in the matter of how long drivers are glancing away from the viewing portion of the road. This argument of glancing away from the road seemed at one point like a valid concern against digital billboards, but thanks to new technology studies on that topic are now possible. Such as the study done by the Department of Transportation otherwise known as DOT, a United States department formed to ensure traffic safety across American highways, their study conclusively proved that “when drivers look away from the road and towards a digital billboard many look for less than one second to one and a half seconds, well below the accepted threshold of 2000 milliseconds required to pose a threat to drivers’ abilities” (DOT). This can bring into perspective the vast difference between the amount of time drivers’ glance at digital billboards, and the amount of time necessary to pose a threat to their safety. If the evidence against anti-billboard groups wasn’t yet strong enough, another recent blow was dealt from a study detailing the effects digital billboards have on drivers. This study, done by the Federal Highway Administration, an organization with the goal of protecting drivers from threats...
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