Discipline and Management- Different Yet Related

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  • Published : October 13, 2013
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Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related
Suzanne Turner
Grand Canyon University: EDU-450
July 21, 2013

Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related
In this essay the goal will be to compare and contrast management as opposed to discipline as well as misbehavior as opposed to behavior. The main goal will be to define and find correlations between the terms while providing the reader with a vivid description explaining the ways these terms translate into a classroom setting. Classrooms today call for teachers to find an often elusive balance between the expectations of a teacher and practices that best meet the students’ needs to help them meet the teachers’ expectations.

Management is defined as “an act of managing: supervising of something” (Management, 2013) In relation to the classroom this term describes a plan of action that a teacher employs to conduct their classroom in an organized way and support students with structure and direction. The term classroom management is often thought of as the type of discipline a teacher imposes; however, classroom management refers to taking a proactive stance that prevents unwanted behaviors before they happen. A management plan incorporates the use of routines and classroom organization by a teacher in her classroom (Charles, 2011). In contrast, discipline is defined as “a type of punishment” (Discipline, 2013). In the classroom, a better definition of discipline is the actions a teacher takes to ensure that students cooperate and participate in the learning process. Discipline involves more than just a punishment for an undesirable action, it encompasses all the methods a teacher uses in her classroom to ensure students practice self-control. Both management and discipline often are used when describing the same practices in the classroom. These concepts address the relationships between student and teacher behaviors in the classroom. Management speaks of the plan...
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