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  • Published : November 2, 2013
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This scientific research investigates males and females different abilities when estimating size. The hypotheses were that males and females have different abilities when estimating size. The results confirmed the hypothesis. This method shows the each step. Discuss the results and methods of the state. The conclusion of each chapter and the conclusion of the conclusions and recommendations. And the method is do an experiment, according to the result and it can supporting this hypothesis. Then the result can supporting this hypothesis that males and females different abilities when estimating size. According the result, the data prove the females can estimate size more accurate. But there are many factors to affect the results. For example, everybody stay at the different location, so everybody have not equal distance from me. So maybe everybody have different fells for the subject length. According this experiment, it show the thing estimated too less, and it show many factor to affect the result. 1.0 Introduction

This research is going to find males and females different abilities when estimating size. Our eye of ability to estimating size is different in males and females. Find the abilities of estimating size is the same or different. The purpose of this experiment is to find the guessed size more accurate in males or females. The aim of the experiment is measure the length of the actual and the guessed length, then compare with males and females. A table will show the results. 2.0 Methods and Materials

Materials needed for the experiment where a ruler at least 15cm long and three things that you can calculate its length.

First, calculate the three things length. Then find an adult, let him guess these things length. Then calculate the error with the actual and the guessed length. Then do the same things with 10 males and 10 females. Write all the numbers down. Calculate the SUM to of each error of males and error of females. Calculate each...
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