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  • Published : April 7, 2014
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ENGL 112

Analysis on Dorian Gray
When analyzing characters in a story readers are often drawn to the character’s personality, behavior, and psychological state. Exploration on these levels allow the reader to become acquainted with such characters. In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian gray, the protagonist is consumed with retaining his youthfulness. The author portrays Dorian as a narcissistic character. Dorian’s deviant behavior is fueled by his obsession to stay young. Lastly we see that Dorian’s psychological state helped develop his character in the novel. By focusing on these aspects, the reader is allowed to experience the characters on a more intimate level.

Dorian’s narcissistic personality is shown throughout the novel. He is so infatuated with his image, he is willing to do almost anything to keep it up. Narcissist are known to dwell on themselves. Although the picture was created to celebrate his beauty; it eventually reflects the dark side of Dorian Gray. His vain ways keep him from sharing the changes in the picture with anyone. Here we see that Dorian’s narcissism is prominent and is the cause of his downfall.

Over obsession takes Dorian to dark places in life. Lord Henry floods Dorian with compliments about the portrait; and later reminds Dorian that his looks will not last forever. This ignites Dorian’s drive and causes him to behave in unacceptable ways. He emotionally destroys Sybil’s and causes her to commit suicide. Next, he has a fall out with basil and kills him. Finally, Dorian tries to destroy the painting and in turn destroys himself. Dorian’s motivation for his behavior can be blamed on his insecurities within himself.

Dorian’s psychological state is an important factor. He exhibits behaviors of a psychopath. As long as he is gratified he does not care who is sacrificed around him. He has no thought of other’s feelings but his own. We know Dorian is egocentric, he lacks of conscience, and he is impulsive. These are all...
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