Dreikurus Theory

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  • Published : September 18, 2008
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Dreikurs Theory
First posting: Thursday, 23 May 2002 5:46:28 PM
Adib Allam
Rudolph Dreikurs in his theory discusses four goals of student's misbehavior, which include: (1) attention seeking, (2) power seeking, (3) revenge seeking and (42ws) displaying inadequacy. Dreikurs in describing the reasons why these goals occur are due to the fact that students have a mistaken belief which will give them the recognition/attention that they want. I like Dreikurs theory because it provides an insight into the psychology or the thinking of a student at times of misbehavior. In understanding the students mentality, Dreikurs then gives an evolution of how to combat the certain types of behavior accordingly. I feel that this is a great opportunity to analyze student behaviors and develop a better understanding into the misbehavior of students. Dreikurs' work i guess, lets us use our intuition and personal knowledge of a student as a guide to better manage inappropriate behaviors and to produce a better learning environment within a classroom. Classroom Management Main Page - EDEL 414 - EDSE 415

Example Abstract for Dreikers:
(use only as a reference)
Rudolf Dreikurs (1897-1972) believed that discipline is based on mutual respect, which motivates students to behave constructively because of their high sense of social interest. Dreikurs believed that all humans have a primary need to belong and feel part of a group. Dreikurs also believed that all students desire to feel they have value and to feel they can contribute to the classroom. Dreikurs called this need to belong the genuine goal of human social behavior. Dreikurs believed that when students are not able to gain their genuine goal of belonging they turn to a series of mistaken goals. Mistaken goals are defined as attention, power, revenge and inadequacy. This is when students misbehave. The mistaken goals are listed in order of difficulty to treat. If the student fails to...
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