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  • Published : March 6, 2014
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Dyscalculia is known as a learning disability that affects the ability to perform math skills. There has not been much research done about this particular learning disability. People with dyscalculia struggle to understand basic number facts and mathematical operations. With the research that has been done, it says that 3-6% or people with this learning disability display good performance in other subjects

There are different types of math problems, once being “Acalculia” which is the inability to complete math problems/calculations. This is most of the time means the child has brain damage. Another type of math learning disability is “Pseudo-Dyscalculia which an individual experience because they have had previous problems with failing math, therefor this individual does not want anything to do with math whatsoever.

Just because a child is diagnosed with Dyscalculia does not mean that they are not intelligent. This disability does not necessarily mean the child has literacy deficiencies. In fact it has been researched that children with this disability are often great at doing higher level math problem, they just need assistance doing basic math.

As with any other learning disability, early diagnosis is critical. Unlike Dyslexia, Dyscalculia is more difficult to test. Testing for this include a Dyscalculia screener who uses numbers and dots. He/she will ask the individual to name the number or dots along with the larger number. The test is based on how long the individual takes to respond to the question. People with Dyscalculia usually display high performances in other subjects except for math and usually show troubles with numbers in particular. Dyscalculics will show difficulties in the following areas: multiplication, math symbols, estimation, place value, math vocabulary, sequencing…etc. While there is no “cure” for this learning disability, educational therapy can help individuals who suffer from this....
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