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  • Published : October 14, 2013
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COMM 1003 English Skills
Writing Assignment two
Cause/Effect Essay Assignment

The Causes of Lying and Unethical Behaviour in Business

Name: Kasin Lau
Student no: 100847958
Date: 16, October 2013

Lying and unethical behaviour is an unfortunate aspect of business. Unethical behaviour is defined as behavior that contravenes rules designed to maintain the fairness and morality of a situation. Examples of this behaviour can range from individuals lying on their company expense reports to companies falsifying corporate documents. Unethical behaviour can damage not only the companies but also the people that work and invest in such companies. Penalties include losing’s ones job, monetary fines and even jail time. Three of the most common reasons why people perform unethical acts are; greed, career advancement and work environment. One of the main causes of unethical behaviour in business is greed. A good example of how greed and the need to protect ones livelihood can cause unethical behavior is the Enron case of the late 1990’s. Enron had reported false profits and failed to follow generally accepted accounting procedures. Both internal and external controls failed to detect the financial losses disguised as profits for a number of years. Enron’s managers and executives knew this and retired or sold their company stock before the truth was disclosed and its price went down. The desire to further ones career is another well-known form of unethical behaviour. Unethical acts are used as a means of impressing a superior or hurting the career of a coworker. Examples of this include taking credit for work done by someone else, sabotaging a fellow employees work and misrepresenting the product or service to get the sale. This results in conflict and retaliation from inside the workplace and it can result in lawsuits from deceived customers. The work environment and general atmosphere in the workplace is another top cause of unethical...
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