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  • Published : April 9, 2014
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Globalization brought international goods to everywhere in the world. Now we have Hooter’s in China, Sushi in USA, and of course Starbuck and McDonald’s all over the world. There are more people now in Shanghai eating McDonald’s for breakfast than those who are eating traditional Chinese meals. And all the Chinese older generations are worrying about the younger generations losing the Chinese traditional culture, China is going to be more westernized in the next few years than any other country in the world, also all Asia is adopting Western Culture in areas such as: industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, language, alphabet, religion, philosophy, women wearing jeans, shops selling Valentine’s Day merchandise, couples holding hands, as well as bars and pubs, some of this things Asian people don´t accept it. Westernization has been an accelerating influence across the world, some people has said that westernization is the same as modernization. The opposite side is, how eastern food and cultural goods has affected western/American culture. And there is much more than only ”Made In China”. Every day there is more and more people taking Chinese lessons, eating Asian food, like tea, one of the first things they began trading and because of the trading of tea the opium wars began because the Western people needed something to trade and they choose the opium because it is very addictive and make you want it every time more and more, another thing that the American people adopted from the Asian culture was studying about Confucius, practicing Chinese sports and the incorporation of a variety of beliefs, practices and cosmologies such as Yoga, Zen Buddhism, New Age, Aikido, and many other things. Now Los Angeles, California, is the most complex Buddhist city in the world is not anymore in Asia, now is in Los Angeles, where there are more than 300 Buddhist temples and centers, representing nearly all of Buddhist practices around the world. Some of...
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