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  • Published : September 23, 2013
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Week One Assignment: Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Penci Ferguson
Grand Canyon University HLT-310V
Kristen Farley
August 18, 2013

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
The healing hospital paradigm is a change that hospitals and other clinical facilities are developing to assist the patient in recovery and a return to wellness (GCU, 2013). Environmental factors, patient emotions, and patient motivation can impact a patient’s healing process. This understanding is why health care facilities are moving from a treatment only approach to an overall healing approach (GCU, 2013). This approach will allow the patients and families to feel less stressed, and will allow health care professionals to focus on the patient and their healing instead of just their disease or illness. In this paper I will describe the components of a healing hospital as they relate to spirituality; challenges of creating a healing hospital; including barriers and complexities of the hospital environment; and along with biblical references that supports the concept of a healing hospital. Components of Healing Hospitals

The healing hospital approach is addressed by using three components, technology, physical design features, and a culture of care (GCU, 2013). These components are turning health care environments into holistic places of healing, instead of contemporary health care facilities. The three components not only make changes to the care provided but to the buildings design and to the technical equipment that is used. The first component of the healing hospital is technology. Technology enhances the work of the health care professionals. The advancement in technology allows for more efficient and effective care. Doctors are able to access with enhanced computer systems, tests that are performed on patients; there are separate elevators for patient transport to provide privacy, and entertainment systems in patient rooms to provide relaxation...
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