Effective Classroom Management

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  • Published : July 8, 2013
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Effective Classroom Management: Management in Discipline

Types of Student Misbehavior
(C.M. Charles)
1. Inattention- daydreaming, doodling, looking out the window, thinking about things irrelevant to the lesson 2. Apathy- a general disinclination to participate; not caring, not wanting to try or do well 3. Needless talk- students chatting during instructional time about things unrelated to the lesson 4. Moving about the room- getting up and moving about the room without permission, congregating in parts of the room 5. Annoying others- provoking, teasing, picking at, calling other students’ names 6. Disruption- shouting out during instruction, talking and laughing inappropriately, causing accidents 7. Lying- deliberate falsification to avoid accepting responsibility or admitting wrongdoing, or to get others in trouble 8. Stealing- taking things that belong to others

9. Cheating- making false representations or wrongly taking advantage of others for personal benefit 10. Sexual harassment- making others uncomfortable through touching, sex-related language, or sexual innuendo 11. Aggression and fighting- showing hostility toward others, threatening them, shoving, pinching, wrestling, hitting 12. Malicious mischief- doing damage intentionally to school property or the belongings of others 13. Defiance of authority- taking back to the teacher; hostilely refusing to do as the teacher requests

Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline
(Thomas Mcdaniel)

1. Focusing- Teacher should demand the attention of the students before starting the lesson. 2. Direct Instruction- It is to begin each class by telling the students exactly what will be happening. The teacher outlines what he/she and the students will be doing this period. 3. Monitoring- The teacher gets up and gets around the room. While the students are working, the teacher makes the rounds checks on their progress. 4. Modeling- Teachers should...
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