effects of changes in accounting technicians

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  • Published : October 28, 2013
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Rojas, Armando A. October 2, 2013 Gattoc, Vanessa Joy A.

Effects of Changes in Behavior of Accounting Technicians in the Organization

An organization’s performance is dependent on the performance of the workforce. The need for pushing the right buttons of each employee is very critical in order for them to have the right motivation and work attitude needed to be productive in his/her field of work. With this, a worker’s behavior should be understood in a way that one can understand better especially for employers who want their companies to benefit from them. What could be the effects of the behavior of employees in the performance of a company? Employee morale is subjective, since it is perception-based. While low or high morale can be widespread among a staff, it is not universal. No matter what an employer does, there will always be unhappy employees, as well as workers who never let anything tarnish their attitude. With that said, perceptions can be changed even when reality cannot, so increasing employee morale is achievable with a concerted effort. One of the new hot jobs here in the Philippines is the job of an Accounting Technician. Their work is one of the more important ones especially in financial and internal management matters and their behaviors can be a major factor in accomplishing the tasks at hand during work periods. Hence, changes in the behavior of Accounting Technicians can greatly affect the company because of their work efficiency, help companies achieve their goals, and make them more responsible at work.

A typical Filipino workplace represents our way of life in our society. We tend to be personal among our colleagues as we work alongside them and at times results to behavioral changes that affect not just us but also our performance at work. With this, the organization is greatly affected especially when a lot of the employees does or experiences such changes in their behaviors at work.

Accounting Technicians are professionals who graduated of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology which takes four years to complete. These allow them to work as auditors, bookkeepers, and financial analyst to name a few. Since this requires a lot of knowledge and effort on their part, they may experience sudden behavioral change. (Find University, August 2013)

When such changes in behavior affect a certain work force, especially of those of importance, those of higher ranks in an organization, one can safely say that the organization most likely would feel the effects of such behavioral changes through their employees’ sudden changes in their performance.

One catalyst of change might be the organization’s decision to cut off large pays to employees where one might easily be performing under the radar for a firm or another might be due to personal reasons which the company might not know. Also, a simple recognition from the boss of the company might boost an employee’s morale and will tend to get inspired to work even more. Filipino traits and characteristics often found in cultural aspects of the society also might affect them in the workplace as this is a great influence to an individual especially when such is passed down through clans for generations and this can be difficult for an organization because it can make the work place more diversified, and may also result to changes from influencing other co-workers.

A person might adopt positive characteristics which they might bring in the work place such as being hospitable, respectful, generous and helpful, hardworking, loving and caring or they may bring also some negative ones such as fatalism – An attitude wherein “what goes around comes around” or ”come what may”. They tend to surrender their future on fate. Another is the attitude of crab mentality – This is often observed in politics wherein they tend to push each other down for the benefit of...
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