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  • Published : April 24, 2015
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Eric Reynolds Reynolds 1
Emily Gwinn
Nut Shell
To put my life into a “Nut shell”, should I tell a funny story, maybe a poem showing my more sensitive side or I could tell a story about my children describing my fatherly attributes. Being a humorist in life is easy, as long one can take a step back in life and learn to laugh at the things that are most irritating to most and finding the humor in it. Sometimes having a sensitive side in the same way you found humor one just has to see the human aspect of the situation and learn to care, to cry and be able to give the shirt of your back to someone in need. The things that come easiest are sometimes the hardest, like being a father, in my adventures the most rewarding thing I did was become a father. It is much easier to become a father than to be one. Being funny, sensitive and fatherly is hard to do all at once, being able to do them at the right times, in a “Nut shell” is how one can find true nirvana. Is it easy to be considered funny? I would think not, because there is such a fine line in being funny and being an A-hole. To consider myself funny I have always had a joke ready but never at someone’s expense or hurt another person’s feelings, it’s just not nice. A joke is easy to tell, my timing in telling the joke is why I find the word funny fits my personality. Humor sometimes isn’t in the joke it’s in the facial expression, and to say I have a funny face or a stupid look on my face maybe isn’t the most flattering definition, but its funny! The crossing of the eyes, the shaking of the head at the right time, and at the right time is what makes facial expressions a key part of being funny. You find out in life that people really like you funny. So what do you give 'em? Humor. And then if you show them the other side, they don't like you as much. I find, that I can hide behind the idiot's mask being funny, and you never see the sorrow or the pain. “It is...
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