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  • Published : September 30, 2014
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  The goal of Mountain View Community Hospital is to provide high-quality, cost effective health care services for the surroundingcommunity in a compassionate, caring and personalized manner.Give some examples of how the use of databases in the hospitalmight improve health-care quality or contain costs. How else could awell-managed database help the hospital achieve its mission? •

 The use of database in the hospital may improve health care quality for example by fast tracking of patient’s medical records. Just type in a data related to a patient and you can instantly access and keep track of previous and present medical records of patients. Also, data redundancy can be minimized. Data sharing between physicians and clients or physicians and medical suppliers can be improved. 2. how can database technology be used to help Mountain ViewCommunity Hospital comply with the security standards of theHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)?HIPAA requires health care providers to maintain reasonable andappropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards toensure that the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of electronic health information the collect, maintain, use, or transmitis protected. •

 They can protect the integrity, confidentiality & availability of healthinfo by giving access only to certified/authorized personnel (physician,nurses, etc.). They can only access info by logging in with a usernameand password. With this, data cannot be easily deleted or manipulated. 3. What are some of the costs and risks of using databases that thehospital must manage carefully? •

One of the risks is that when a database/ computer crashes, datamight be corrupted or deleted. Another risk is that it can be attackedby viruses and black hat hackers. Also, the cost of maintenance islarge therefore they should prepare a big budget. Another risk is that just one error in input of data can affect the whole database. 4. How critical are data quality requirements in the hospitalenvironment? For which applications might quality requirements bemore restrictive? •

Data quality requirements is vital to the hospital environment becauseof the hospital’s 4 critical success factors that includes: quality of medical care, control of operating costs, control of capital costs, and  

recruitment and retention of skilled personnel that needs to beprotected to achieve those requirements. •
Quality requirements must be more restricted on the
clinical services
application of the hospital.
5. At present, Mountain View Community Hospital is using relationaldatabase technology. Although this technology is appropriate forstructured data, such as patient or accounting data, it is less well-suited to unstructured data, such as graphical data and images. Canyou think of some types of data maintained by a hospital that fit thislatter category? What types of database technology rather thanrelational might be better suited to these data types?6. How are data in the PATIENT and PATIENT CHARGES tablesrelated? That is, how can a user find the relevant charges for aparticular patient? •

 They both contain patient number. So in order to find relevant chargesfor a particular patient you can enter the patient number. 7. Give an example of how the hospital could use each of the typesof databases described in this chapter: personal, workgroup,departmental/divisional, enterprise, and Web-enabled. •

PERSONAL- for example a doctor can use PDAs, laptop or PCs that canbe used to easily access the medical record of a particular patient. •
WORKGROUP- there will be selected hospital personnel that isconnected through the Database server that is used to connect to theworkgroup database •
DEPARTMENTAL/DIVISIONAL- in a hospital, this type of database islarger than a workgroup that is used between the doctors, nurses andsuppliers of the medical needs. •
ENTERPRISE- in this type of database, different departments areinvolved. For...
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